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Hackers target wireless networks

The logo of social network site Facebook reflected in a pair of glasses. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Monday November 30, 2015. Photo credit should read: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Hackers have found a way to tap into wireless networks and take control of devices, with one local firm testing the hack for themselves.

Hedgehog Security are warning the public to ensure their wireless security networks are up to date, as their team were able to figure the hack out within two days.

The hack called ‘KRACK’ targets devices such as a laptops and phones that use Wi-Fi networks.

This means the hackers through the Wi-Fi connectivity can access devices and read any information within.

Founder of Hedgehog Security Peter Bassill told the Chronicle his team found the online ‘exploit’ within two days as part of their research.

“Although it was not a trivial exploit to create and it was quite hard, it is well in the realms of possibility to do it quite quickly,” Mr Bassill said.

He added the team has notified all their clients regarding the hack warning them to ‘patch’, meaning update, all devices.

“It is going to be a headache for a lot of broadband people, my recommendation would be to turn off your wireless on your broadband router and add your own wireless router until everyone patches all their devices,” he said.

He acknowledged that most people don’t have their own wireless router and rely on ones purchased through companies, but said that thankfully companies are quickly working to protect their devices from the hack.

“It is not going to be something that people are going to notice has happened,” Mr Bassill said.

“The only way to really tell is if you connect to someone’s wireless and go to a secure site you will see a green padlock in the corner. If all of a sudden there is no green padlock that would be a good indication that there would be something amiss.”

The team at Hedgehog Security have found out how the hackers have been able to do so for themselves and have notified the UK National Cyber Security Centre.

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