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Llamas flags ‘minimum consultation’ with teachers on schools project

GSD MP Lawrence Llamas told Parliament this week that the Gbraltar Government has “trail blazed ahead” with the “education revolution” with minimum consultation with teachers and stakeholders.

He said the mega school idea was one proposed by the GSD in 2015, but was criticised at the time by the government, who have yet to prove how they are going to manage traffic and transport around the new schools which will accommodate 2,500 pupils.

In a budget address, Mr Llamas said the government has not been transparent with health and safety audits carried out in Gibraltar’s schools and calls for them to be published as a matter of good practice.

Health and Care
Mr Llamas accused the government of “privatising the public sector”, adding that there are employees of government agencies being transferred out to make way for supply workers.

He called for answers on whether the reasons for not employing the short term supply workers permanently were a consequence of Brexit, or the long awaited e-government or whatever other reason.

Mr Llamas said the Government announced it would not tolerate zero hour contracts, but taking a step into employing these people in short term contracts would “mitigate any breakdown in continuity of care and enhance working conditions”.

Drugs and Rehabilitation
The GSD welcomes the introduction of a specialised GP in drug addiction, Mr Llamas said, but says the government should also focus on a secondary care plan including supporting recovering addicts in seeking employment and stability in their lives.

Mr Llamas said he is going to start a campaign for a more rigorous strategy on recreational drug use among youngsters, and invited all MPs to join him.

Families, youth, children and the elderly

Mr Llamas highlighted there have been 337 domestic abuse reports from January to May 2018, an increase of 348% in comparison to 2014.

He commended the Mrs Gibraltar organisers for raising awareness on domestic violence, which could have been linked to this rise in figures.

Affordable Housing
Following enquiries carried out, the government informed Mr Llamas 90% of flats sold by the GSLP-Liberal administration were sold on a 50/50 basis, in comparison to 25% of affordable housing flats sold on the 50/50 basis under the GSD administration.

He said this is affordable housing which should be sustainable for generations to come.

MTV Presents Gibraltar Calling last year cost the tax payer £5.6m, Mr Lawrence claimed, adding that it is a “record high in expenditure, with a record low on ticket sales”.

In his budget speech, Mr Llamas said the commercial interests of the agent, Neon Angel, has been placed before the interests of the community as “we are simply blocked from scrutinising such an expenditure”.

Mr Llamas criticised the government for not providing answers for the “hundreds of millions of pounds pumped through Government owned companies” and asked the Chief Minister “to commit to lifting the lid” on these companies and all off balance expenditure so that the Opposition can access and scrutinise these decisions by the Government.

However the GSD MP’s figures were later questioned by Culture Minister Steven Linares, who said the expenditure was much lower.

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