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Med Steps boulder ‘could’ve killed someone’, hiker says

A Med Steps hiker said the community is “very fortunate” no one was injured by a metre-tall boulder that tumbled off the cliff and fell onto the path trail on Sunday afternoon.

Simon Bogg, 39, ran back down to the Gibraltar Nature Reserve office to inform staff of the rock fall and the supervisor took the decision to keep the area closed to members of the public.

Yesterday, the path remained closed to the public while checks were carried out.

Mr Bogg is a frequent visitor up to the Mediterranean Steps and had been there just the day before but did not notice that anything was amiss.

med steps rock fall 1

It was on Sunday afternoon when he came across the massive rock had fallen on the pathway halfway up the Med Steps.

“I had my music on and was running up when I saw this big rock had fallen,” he told the Chronicle.

“It was pretty scary because that size of rock could have killed someone had it landed on them.”

“It must weigh several hundreds of pounds and tumbled down from a great height because it shattered on landing.”

“There was rubble everywhere and it left a significant crater where it landed.”

“I am lucky nothing happened to me but as a community Gibraltar is very fortunate that the area was not as crowded as it usually is at that time, so no one got hurt.”

Mr Bogg moved to Gibraltar some 10 years ago and said he visits the Med Steps at least twice a week, and said it is not just because of the great views and fresh air, but for the exercise as well.

A Government spokesman said checks were being carried out yesterday, but added: “Until the area has been assessed for any latent risk, people should stay away from this area.”

There was another small rock fall in the area of Gorham’s Cave on Saturday, the Government spokesman confirmed.

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