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MEPs fear impact of ‘no deal’ Brexit on Gibraltar and Campo

MEP's Frontier Visit 12 -10-18 (Photo John Bugeja) Caine briefing MEPs on the Frontier situation

Gibraltar MEP Julie Girling has questioned what planning process the Gibraltar Government has undertaken for the eventuality of a no-deal Brexit, warning such a scenario would render the British Government unable to offer Gibraltar its support and protection.

Ms Girling, a long-time friend of Gibraltar, is part of a cross-party group of MEPs currently visiting the Rock in order to gain a better understanding of Gibraltar’s current and potential future border issues post Brexit.

“The Gibraltar Government’s tactic, and I don’t disagree with it, has been to keep very close with the British Government, and [that it] will support and protect and put their interests first – no reason to disbelieve that,” she said.

“But if there’s no deal, they’re out of the picture,” Ms Girling told the Chronicle.

“[The UK Government] are not in a position to do any of that, so I’m interested in what the feeling is here in the Gibraltar Government about what they do if there’s no deal.”

Ms Girling had hoped to garner an understanding of the planning process undertaken by the Gibraltar Government for the eventuality of a no-deal Brexit on her latest trip to the Rock but meetings had to be cancelled as the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister continue Brexit-talks in London and Brussels.

Speaking following a visit to the frontier, she said: “Today I’ve been really impressed by the amount of work the Gibraltar Government have done to prepare for Brexit but also kind of alarmed at the amount that there is to do.”

The situation, she said, is similar to that of the UK where ‘normal’ business is suspended as the Brexit negotiations draw the lion’s share of attention.

“And that’s a real shame because Brexit is like a big black hole that sucks in energy and to what end? Because for me and for Gibraltar, I believe, there’s no good outcome from it,” Ms Girling said.


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