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New permanent water fountain in Casemates Square

[L-R]: Darren Cruz (AquaGib Senior Manager Water Production), Paul Singleton (AquaGib Managing Director), Chris Gomez (AquaGib Director Water Production) and Lewis Stagnetto (Nautilus Project). Photo by The Bulb.


This week saw the inauguration of a new permanent drinking water fountain in Casemates Square, installed by AquaGib Ltd [AGL]. 

During the 2019 Gibraltar Island Games, AquaGib worked with the organising committee to install event-designed water fountains around the various event locations, aiming to provide a healthier drinking alternative. 

The government approached then them with the idea of installing a drinking water fountain at Casemates. 

AquaGib installed two temporary drinking water fountains, one at Casemates and one at the Piazza, to explore how successful this would be with the community. 

" With these public drinking water fountains potentially providing both environmental and health benefits and due to the community welcoming their installation, AGL has therefore decided to consider a more permanent solution,” AquaGib said.

“AquaGib researched various design options and fundamental considerations to identify the key features that can help ensure their quality, inclusivity, and reliability for the benefit of the local community.”

They decided it was important to provide an accessible and convenient way for the community to refill bottles and drink tap water on the go, so they opted for a multi-purpose station. 

The design includes three fountains, one for filling reusable water bottles and the other two for drinking water straight from tap spouts, all with push buttons for activation. When pressed, they will activate, and when released, they turn off the water flow, preventing waste. 

Tap water supplied locally is among the very best in the world, AquaGib said and together with the government, it will continue to invest in making sure it stays that way.

“One of our key social responsibilities is to raise awareness and encourage the use of a sustainable water supply and as such our commitment is further reinforced by providing free access to drinking water in this way to supplement all other re-fill points that are available within Gibraltar,” said Paul Singleton, AquaGib Managing Director.

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