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OFT cautions on watermelon Elfbar vapes after UK reports

Image of a man exhaling whilst using a vaping product. Photo by Nicholas.T. Ansell/PA.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has raised awareness in Gibraltar that some UK supermarkets are removing disposable watermelon flavoured Elfbar (600) vapes from their shelves.

This follows an investigation into these devices by the newspaper the Mail that found that this particular type of vape contained tanks which exceeded the 2ml size permissible in the UK.

The devices in question contained tanks which were between 3 and 3.2ml in size and which appear to have been intended for use in other markets where this larger size is allowed.

The OFT understands that Gibraltar law does not restrict the size of vape tanks in the same manner as in the UK.

UK media also report that the vapes contain higher quantities of nicotine e-liquid, although this seems to be a reference to higher nicotine content in the vapes as a result of the vapes containing more liquid, rather than the liquid having a higher concentrations of nicotine, the OFT said.

“To date the OFT has not yet seen any official reports regarding this matter from UK authorities or official sources associated with such recalls in the UK,” the OFT said in a statement.

“The OFT is continuing to monitor these forums and will update consumers and businesses as necessary.”

“In the meantime the OFT has been in contact with HM Customs and Public Health Gibraltar on the matter.”

“Whereas presently the OFT is unaware of affected batch numbers, it would like to raise awareness for consumers that there is a possibility that watermelon flavoured Elfbar (600) vapes being sold locally could contain a higher amount of liquid, and therefore of nicotine, than that advertised on the packaging.”

“The OFT therefore advises consumers to be cautious and to consider buying alternative vapes.”

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