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On the Rock this Royal Wedding Day

Harry and Meghan will be tying the knot today at the much anticipated event worldwide. On both sides of the pond families and friends will be watching the regal event that will see an American actress wed a Prince.

Eyleen Sheil took a stroll into town and asked if you would be watching the Royal Wedding?

Main Street was bustling as usual on a sunny morning, but this morning the words on peoples lips were Harry and Meghan.

The Royal couple will be celebrating their big day with millions watching on their television screens.

Locally Gibraltarians will be celebrating in their own special way whether it’s at home with family and friends, at a street party in Ocean Village, or at the numerous local establishments marking the event in their own way.

Anthea Caruana will be enjoying the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel from the comfort of her own home before meeting friends for lunch today.

“I am going to watch it and then most probably I will leave before the end as I will be meeting friends for lunch,” she said.

This will not be the first Royal Wedding Ms Caruana has watched nor is it the first one her friend and fellow lunch goer Shirley Long will have viewed either.

“It is something different to watch,” said Ms Long who will also be watching it in the community area of Albert Risso house.

Where while watching the nuptials take place they will dine on fresh coffee, tea, churros and papitas.

Their friend AnnaMaria Anes is unsure at the moment if she will be able to watch it, but hopes to do so.

“It is not something that you see very often and it is a happy occasion,” she said.

Vicky Barbara is also looking forward to the most talked about wedding of the year, she will watch the events unfold at home before meeting friends and family at the Rock hotel for a special afternoon tea.

Ms Barbara has watched many of the other Royal Weddings and recalls them fondly, she does note “they have changed over the years, for the better, they are more approachable for people [now].”


Hazel Sampere will be watching the wedding at home with her husband and daughter, “We are going to have breakfast of churros and then we will be probably have lunch but that depends on the time it finishes,” she said.

Ms Sampere also watched the weddings of Prince Harry’s parents, Princess Diana and Prince Charles as well as his brother Prince William and Kate Middleton.
In whichever way people decide to enjoy the event, it is set to be one of the biggest events of the year.

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