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Pro-Life group champions ‘pragmatic, positive’ alternatives to abortion

A new group calling itself the Gibraltar Pro-Life Movement has been set up locally.

In statement the group says it is independent of political persuasion but wants to engage the community at large, including the Government and Opposition parties, in offering pragmatic and positive alternative solutions to abortion. The group points out that it is not associated with any faith or religion.

The Gibraltar Pro-Life Movement believes the life of an unborn human being deserves all possible respect, protection and nurturing.

Wanting to campaign for an immediate holistic, root and branch review of local education, health and care systems, to better understand the infrastructure that needs to be put in place for women and their children, it calls on the support of everyone “as an advanced and caring community” to join them in stepping up to this challenge.

“All human life is equally valuable and in Gibraltar the law seeks to create a balance by allowing terminations where the life of the mother is at risk. Even so, the termination of an unborn child is always a matter of regret and we join people from around the world who have expressed dismay at the way in which the recent referendum result in the Republic of Ireland was met with jubilation.”

In their statement the group points out “that after the destruction of tens of millions of lives in the western world since the UK enacted the Abortion Act in 1967, the pro-life tide is again rising and that it would be a grave mistake for Gibraltar to further legalise abortion, just at the moment when the rest of the world is pondering on the horror of so many lost lives in the last 50 years”.

Their aim is to ensure that Gibraltar remains “a beacon of hope and justice in the darkness of the industrialised destruction of children” and further believe that future, more civilised generations will look back at “the slaughter of million upon millions of defenceless little human beings with horror and disgust”.

They emphasise that by building new support mechanisms, to cater for the emotional, psychological, financial, educational and professional needs which arise, will mothers not feel powerless and victims when pregnant.

They further add that better health and sexual education will provide the basis to minimise unwanted pregnancies which the GPLM will in parallel campaign for as part of their holistic approach to this issue.

“True progress requires even greater protection of the unborn on the principle that both lives matter – that of the mother and child. Contrary to the narrative of those who advocate it, abortion is retrograde and a throwback to a time when life was cheap,” said the statement.

It strongly points out that the nurture and protection of children is a constant in every human civilisation or religion or among adherence of none.

“Since 1967, there have been major technological advances that make it possible to establish the indisputable humanity of the unborn through sophisticated ultrasound methods. Thus, we now know that the human heart starts beating at 22 days of gestation.”

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