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Pro-life movement presses on with campaign against Abortion Bill

The Gibraltar Pro Life Movement (GPLM) held a “NightWatch” event at Convent Place on Wednesday to “highlight the injustice” of the proposed Abortion Bill and to encourage Gibraltarians to register their opposition to it.

“We are encouraged by the number of people who have become involved in our movement in recent weeks,” said the chairperson of GPLM, Karenza Morillo.
“Following our rally in Casemates Square earlier in the month, more and more Gibraltarians are becoming aware of how radical the proposed Abortion Bill is.”
“They are realising that the Bill will do nothing to offer positive support to women in unplanned pregnancy and their families but will only end human life.”

She called on Gibraltarians to make their views known to MPs in these important days given that there are plans to debate the Bill in Parliament shortly.

"This Bill would represent a fundamental change to our law,” she said.
“It would introduce life-ending legislation and does nothing to provide positive supports to women in vulnerable situations.”
“It's more important than ever that anyone who believes that human rights extend to all humans, including unborn babies, gets in touch with MPs or joins our campaign to register their opposition to the unjust Bill."

Ms Morillo made it clear that the pro-life movement will continue to vigorously oppose the Bill.
She urged voters to make their views known by pledging to vote for pro-life candidates in the next general election.
She said MPs should consider their positions and said the people of Gibraltar will be looking closely at their actions and will exercise their accordingly.

"No amount of tinkering at the edges of this legislation or attempts at appeasement will have us support the Bill,” Ms Morillo said.
“It is a very extreme proposal that allows unrestricted abortion within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, and abortion up until birth in some situations.”
“Similar laws introduced in other countries, have resulted in one in five babies in the womb having their lives ended.”
“Our community is one where life and family have always been respected and cherished, and this bill goes totally against our core values.”

She added: “This is the most fundamental issue that Parliament will ever vote on. It’s essential that we all make our voices heard.”

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