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Rare jellyfish sighting at Rosia Bay

The Nautilus Project

A very rare sighting of the Stinging Cauliflower (Drymonema dalmatinum) was spotted at Rosia Bay on Monday.

Accoriding to the Nautilus Project these jellyfish are rarely spotted in the western Mediterranean and look very similar to the fried egg jellyfish (Phacellophora camtschatica).

“The coloration of this jellyfish is pale pink and it is known for feeding on Moon jellyfish (Aurelia sp.). Consequently, it is possible they are feeding on the abundance of mauve stingers (Pelagia noctiluca) which we have around our coastline at present,” said a statement from TNP.

“This species has now been added to the NEMO citizen science application. We encourage users to log sightings as they have important scientific significance.”

“Beachgoers and swimmers are advised extra caution as both the Mauve Stinger and the Stinging Cauliflower can cause a nasty sting,” the statement added.

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