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RG holds first insight weekend of 2020

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment held their first Insight Weekend of the year at Devil’s Tower Camp and Buffadero Training Centre.

The weekend was run over two days with an overnight stay to provide potential recruits with a better understanding of the Regiment and what it could offer them.

The event started at 7pm last Friday when 26 potential recruits turned up at Devil’s Tower Camp. The group consisted of three females and 23 males, the youngest being 15 years and 8 months and the oldest being 42 years old.

Despite the weather all attendees enjoyed the weekend which included indoor activities and presentations as well as outdoor activities including a Night Stalk, a live shoot, a FIBUA Attack and paintball.

The common comment from those attending was that the weekend was interesting and that it was a great way of informing them of what the Regiment has to offer as a Reserve (Part-time) or Regular (Full-time) soldier.

Those attending the Insight Weekend will now receive a follow-up phone call to see if they are still interested in joining the Regiment.

Those still interested will be invited to the Recruiting Office, King’s Bastion Leisure Centre (Vaults 1 and 2) for an interview and completion of the relevant documentation. This will be followed up with a medical at the Princess Royal Medical Centre (PRMC) at DTC.

Potential recruits will then be loaded onto Phase 1 Alpha training at which point contracts will be signed.

For Regulars training will involve Phase 1 Alpha plus another five days prior to attending the Infantry Training Centre (ITC) in Catterick in the UK to undergo Phase 1 and Phase 2 training. For the Reserves they will complete their Phase 1 Alpha training and then complete Phase 1 Bravo - all this must be completed within three months.

They will then attend ITC within 12 months to complete their Phase 2 training.