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RGP officers use body cameras in frontline policing

Body cameras have been integrated into frontline policing in order to record evidence and improve convictions in court. The Royal Gibraltar Police currently make use of 20 cameras with the RGP hoping the cameras will help reduce complaints against officers.

The camera includes a front facing screen that shows what is being recorded and is worn firmly on the chest of police officers. The body cameras are not hidden from sight and can be easily seen on an officer’s uniform.

“The body worn video cameras were introduced into frontline policing over a year ago and they have become an excellent tool for our officers to use in recording evidence for subsequent use in our courts,” Superintendent Richard Ullger told the Chronicle.

“They not only provide a good resource for gathering evidence, but also allow us to identify criminals when dealing with low level public order incidents or other crime, improve convictions in court and allow us to use footage for training our officers.”

Officers can also record in ‘Stealth Mode’ and turn off the screen and lights while still recording. The cameras are produced by an American company called ‘Reveal’.


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