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RGP warning on underage drinking

The Royal Gibraltar Police has again flagged the issue of underage drinking as it revealed that in the course of one night, six youngsters had alcoholic beverages confiscated and disposed of by police officers.
In a statement the RGP said that during the course of the night of Friday March 24, officers were ‘once again’ busy with Operation Tawny ll, the ongoing banner operation tackling underage drinking.
During the course of the night a total of six youngsters had alcoholic beverages confiscated and disposed of by Police officers, the RGP said as it set out the circumstances of each case.
Police said three females aged 13 and 14 years old were found with a bottle of Disaronno at Fishmarket Road.
A 16-year old male was found with a two litre bottle of a concoction of a soft drink and Cider at Line Wall Road.
A 17-year old female was found in possession of a bottle of Vodka in Main Street.
And a 16-year old female was found in possession of a bottle Vodka within the ICC car park.
In each scenario, the alcohol was confiscated and their parents contacted and informed.
The RGP further highlighted its commitment to tackling underage drinking and flagged current legislation which provides for youths over 16 years of age, and under 18 years of age, to be able to drink beverages containing certain levels of alcohol in certain circumstances.
But the RGP said it will be strict in the application of this legislation and will continue to act when alcohol is consumed by youngsters in contravention of these provisions.
“Whilst, the intention is to safeguard youngsters rather than criminalize them, the RGP will actively seek to identify and robustly deal with those procuring, or selling alcohol to youngsters in contravention of the provisions of the Act.”
“The RGP also wishes to bring to the attention of retailers and all would be procurers of alcohol for youngsters that in addition to their legal obligations, they also have a moral responsibility towards our youth.”
“Additionally, we wish to reassure parents that as an organisation the RGP shall afford them, and their children, our full support.”
“We encourage parents to converse and interact with their children and remain aware of their children’s social activities,” the RGP said.

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