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Students enjoy interactive RG military exhibition

Photos by Eyleen Gomez

Local students visited an interaction exhibition held by the Royal Gibraltar Regiment in John Mackintosh Hall.

The purpose behind this interactive event was to provide an opportunity for the public, particularly students, to engage with the Gibraltar Regiment, explore the available equipment, and learn about potential career prospects within the military.

Students from both Westside and Bayside eagerly participated and revelled in the interactive activities and informative displays that had created an engaging atmosphere.

Aidan Fortunato, 14, came along because he wanted to “have fun” and liked the paintball part of the exhibition the most.

His schoolfriend Oscar Matthews, also 14, said he found the event surprisingly enjoyable and informative.

“It’s been very informative, good ambiance, quite fun,” he said.

One highlight for him was the night vision exercise an obstacle course where participants equipped with special goggles ventured through a pitch-black room.

As much as he enjoyed it would not be a career choice for him or for Aidan.

“I’d like to pursues other career choices, but it is quite good, it is quite fun and it was a good insight into what the army does,” Oscar said.

Hayden Martinez, another 14-year-old attendee, appreciated the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, particularly the paintball.

He believes the exhibition will “inspire other people” to join the army.

Alicia Capurro, a 14-year-old student, liked paintball the most because it gave her the opportunity to “shoot with guns” which ignited a sense of thrill.

However, she admitted that the experience did not mean she would pursue a career in the Gibraltar Regiment.

Milo Nouar, 14, definitely enjoyed the exhibition and really like the night vision activity as well as paintball.

“I think they gave a really good insight into what these army people do in real life” he said.

“The guns expo was also really good and educational.”

Already an RAF cadet he admitted his passion was more for a career in aviation.

Major Dayan Pozo oversees the recruitment exhibition, which continues until Friday has had over 200 students a day participating in the morning session.

The goal is to target individuals who are considering future career options and provide them with firsthand experience and knowledge about the Gibraltar Regiment.

“It's an interactive exposition, which means they can engage in and actually use all the equipment and weapons are here,” he said.

“We have a PT stand so they can do some physical exercises. They also know a kit and equipment stand where they get to wear the body armour and helmets, bags that we use and the weapons as well.”

“Pick them up, have an appreciation of what they look like, how they feel, how heavy they are.”

“We also have an observation stand so they get to look at things from a distance and try to spot the targets etc.”

“And a night visibility stand like an obstacle course in darkness with night vision to see how they navigate and the difficulty of navigating through an area that was poorly lit or is pitch black,” he added.

The exhibition serves as a recruitment platform with QR codes posted around and dedicated staff members available for those interested in joining either as cadets, reservists, or pursuing a full-time career within the Gibraltar Regiment.

The fruits of the exhibition Major Pozo believes will come in months down the line as people start making career choices.

He said with Gibraltar's strong military ties, many residents have family members who have served or are currently serving, making the decision to join the regiment a familiar and integrated one.

Major Pozo expressed his gratitude to the staff at John Macintosh Hall and for their support and contributions in enhancing the overall experience and to Trends for supplying the mannequins used in their display.

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