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TG calls for ‘open, direct and urgent’ housing reforms

Together Gibraltar yesterday called on the Gibraltar Government to engage in a “meaningful” reform of the housing allocation system to address what it described as “pressing systemic issues”.

In a statement, TG cited Winston Churchill and said the Government should “never waste a good crisis”, instead using a time of challenge to evaluate and address shortcomings.

“TG believes that the people of Gibraltar, who have yet again proved their resilience throughout the pandemic, understand that profound changes are necessary and will respond to the needs of Gibraltar accordingly,” the party said.

It urged the government to undergo a profound reform of a housing system that had been “broken” for many years, “instead of engaging in self-congratulatory propaganda”.

And it described the solutions offered by the GSD as “yet another patch” on a policy that was “rotten to the core”.

“This shows that both parties, the creators and perpetuators of this unfair and arbitrary system, continue to defend it,” TG said.

According to the party, Gibraltar’s “housing problem” was vast and complex and began with a “bloated” market that was too focused on luxury properties for tax residents that allowed for “rampant speculation”.

“This pushes swathes of Gibraltarians, even middle-class professionals, to a public housing system that is completely overburdened,” TG said.

“As a consequence, instead of catering for those really in need, the Government ends up providing housing for a significant percentage of the Gibraltarian middle-class public, a complete distortion of the role of public funding in a free market western democracy.”

The situation was exacerbated by a system riddled with “inefficiencies and vices”, TG added.

It said rules for the resale of public housing were “ill-designed” and allowed for loopholes that enabled “profiteering”.

TG said there were “arbitrary elements in the chain” that allowed for “corruption and institutional discrimination”.

“The dramatic story of El Khalil Lyaacoubi, yet again masterfully exposed by Action for Housing and GBC, is a case in point,” the party said.

“The GSLP will continue to congratulate themselves for their flawless work, and their endless stream of wins.”

“The GSD will continue to obfuscate their share of the guilt by asking for piecemeal solutions that don’t address the real problems.”

“Together Gibraltar wants open, direct and urgent systemic reforms.”

“We need this to create a truly fair and competitive Gibraltar in order to guarantee our future prosperity.”

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