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Two years on, police renew witness appeal in Montegriffo murder investigation

Archive pic by Joshua Reyes-Traverso

On the second anniversary of the suspected murder of Michael Montegriffo, the Royal Gibraltar Police has launched a fresh appeal for witnesses or information that can help resolve the case.

A £25,000 reward remains in place for any such information, police said yesterday, as they reiterated their hope that the reward will bring fresh information that leads to a conviction.

Mr Montegriffo, 58, died in July 2018 after sustaining a head injury.

The murder probe was launched after two post mortems established that Mr Montegriffo died of injuries that were not consistent with having fallen from a height or being struck by a passing vehicle.

Police investigating the death have followed numerous leads in the last two years but have yet to charge anyone in connection to his death.

Nonetheless, the scope of the investigation has been wide-ranging and has seen the RGP acquire the services of an external forensic expert as well as a behavioural analysis to assist them in the investigation.

As a result detectives have been able to set out their working theory that the assailant was known to the victim and that the two had been in conflict prior to Mr Montegriffo’s murder.

Additionally, they believe that this person was in the neighbourhood for a legitimate purpose, living there, working there, or visiting another person who resided there.

It is thought that this person may have acted impulsively after having lost control of his or her temper and that this type of anger, hostility, and impulsivity would carry over into his or her other relationships and conflicts.

In the days following the crime, people around him or her may have noticed certain common post-incident behaviours, including but not limited to, suddenly departing the area temporarily or permanently, changes in mood or demeanour, changes in lifestyle patterns, increasing or eliminating his or her use of drugs, tobacco or alcohol, and withdrawing from social contact with others.

He or she may also have changed his or her appearance such as hair style or facial hair.

Additionally, he or she may have paid abnormal attention to the news coverage of this particular incident and may continue to do so.

Anyone with any information they believe might be of assistance to the RGP investigating officers is requested to contact the Duty Officer at New Mole House on 200 72500.

The RGP thank members of the public who had made contact with investigators following the initial appeal for witnesses, and urged anyone who may have any information related to the case to come forward.

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