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UK woman denied entry into Spain over missing exit stamp - report

Johnny Bugeja

Spanish officials denied entry into Spain to a UK national who had visited the country this summer but whose passport had not been stamped when she left, according to The Local, an English-language website covering Spain.

The woman had hoped to visit her son but was stopped when she tried to cross into Spain from Gibraltar.

Border guards suspected she had overstayed the allowed 90 days in any 180-day period because she had been stamped into the country during her previous visit in June, but not when she left.

Instead of being able to go to visit her son, she remained in Gibraltar for two days before flying back to the United Kingdom, The Local reported.

British UK residents must have their passports stamped on entering and leaving Spain in accordance with rules for travel into the Schengen Area after Brexit.

UK nationals residing in Gibraltar with the blue civilian registration cards are also required to have their passports stamped on entry into and out of Spain, as well as those with the magenta ID cards.

The Gibraltar Government has repeatedly urged people to ensure that if their passport is stamped on entry, they must ensure to obtain an exit stamp too.

Gibraltar residents with red ID cards are currently exempt from having their passports stamped under interim measures in place pending the outcome of negotiations for a UK/EU treaty on Gibraltar.

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