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Unite and Mitie agree second year of pay deal

Photo by Johnny Bugeja

Unite the Union Gibraltar Branch and Mitie Defence Ltd announced the application of the second year of their pay agreement, which they said reflected “fair and competitive compensation” for employees.

After constructive negotiations and discussions, both parties reached a mutual understanding on the implementation of Year 2 of the pay agreement. 

“This agreement demonstrates our shared commitment to ensuring that the hard work and dedication of our workforce are properly recognised and rewarded,” the two said in a statement.

Year 2 of the pay agreement takes into account various factors, including industry standards, market conditions, and placing Mitie as one of leading employers in the industry in Gibraltar. 

It aims to provide fair remuneration to the workforce while ensuring the long-term sustainability of operations. 

“We believe that this agreement strikes the right balance and reflects the ongoing partnership between Unite the Union Gibraltar Branch and Mitie Defence Ltd,” the statement said.

Under the terms of the agreement:

  • Employees will see a consolidated basic increase of £2000 applied at their respective pay anniversary dates
  • The on-call allowance will increase by 7% 
  • Appointed person allowances (AP) will increase by 100%

Mitie Account Manager Simon Griffiths said: “We would like to express our appreciation for the commitment and professionalism demonstrated by our employees throughout this process.”

“Their dedication and hard work have been instrumental in achieving this positive outcome.”

“As a responsible employer, Mitie Defence Ltd remains committed to fostering a positive working environment that promotes employee well-being, growth, and development.”

“We recognise that our employees are our most valuable asset, and their satisfaction and engagement are crucial to our success.”

Unite’s Christian Duo said: “Unite the Union Gibraltar Branch and Mitie Defence Ltd are confident that this pay agreement will further strengthen the relationship between the two organisations and enhance the overall working experience for our members.”

“We are delighted to have been able to deliver a pay agreement, which places Mitie industrial workforce at a similar standard of pay as GJBS.”

“This achievement is thanks to the hard work and determination of our Shop Stewards committee, who have been the key in delivering consistently on pay since the commencement of the ISP contract back in 2007.”

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