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Unite backs same sex marriage

Unite the Union is calling on its members to support same sex marriage by emailing the Government “to express their satisfaction with and support for the proposed amendments in no uncertain terms.”

Unite seeks to dissolve the two-tiered system of partnership law and marriage in order for same-sex and heterosexual couples to have a choice of both.

“Does a healthy society respect difference, or does it try to repress it?” the union asked in a statement.

“There have always been people in every society who are attracted to members of their own sex and there have always been people whose gender identity differs from that into which they were born.”

Unite stated that its fundamental principle is respect for the human rights of all people and notes that many unions across the world have played a part in challenging discriminatory laws, prejudicial behaviour and often violent attacks against LGBT people.

The union said it conducts a constant campaign to promote equality and fairness for all, including actively opposing prejudice and discrimination on grounds of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, class, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability or caring responsibilities wishes to give its fullest support to the Equality Rights Group in their objective of achieving marriage for all.

However, it does concede that “prejudice and ignorance remain significant problems” but it continues to work with civil society organisations to defeat it both in the workplace, and in wider society.

Finally the union said: “Unite the Union publicly stands behind the Equality Rights Group campaign of One Civil Marriage Law for All without bias for gender or sexual orientation leading to the amendments contained within the command paper.”

“We do however respect that there may be differences of opinion within our community from minority sectors, and wish to reflect on our collective privilege of living in a free society that enjoys freedom of speech.”

“Whilst we applaud the provision of this platform, we do not share these divisive and prejudiced views that were not acceptable towards the end of the 20thCentury, let alone a modern, western 21st Century state such as ours.”



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