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Unite welcomes ‘self-isolation leave scheme’

Unite the Union yesterday welcomed the announcement of the Self-Isolation Leave Scheme for those working in the private sector, describing this as a “step in the right direction.”

In a statement, the union said this measure assists businesses and protects the general public by safeguarding workers financial status, when required to self-isolate after they’ve exhausted their statutory sick leave.

“The Introduction of a statutory self-Isolation pay rate of £52.50 per day after an employee has exhausted their statutory sick leave, is a step in the right direction although further measures could be required in the future,” a statement from Unite said.

“With the reviewed position regarding the accrual of annual leave when inactive (BEAT) if made redundant and the introduction of the Leave Scheme, the Government of Gibraltar has taken further steps in protecting businesses and employees.”

“We nevertheless encourage employers to be brave and extend measures of their own, to ensure further protection to their hard-working employees.”

Unite’s Christian Duo said: “Unite is extremely pleased with the introduction of the Self-Isolation Leave Scheme, a step in the right direction to safeguard the finances of our members who are struggling the most financially specially within the private sector, when requiring to self-isolate.”

“This scheme highlights the importance of CELAC, having been a key mechanism in achieving this self-isolation leave scheme.”

“In the ever-changing Covid-19 situation it is important that the CELAC committee continues to meet, with the aim to continue to address issues arising in a balanced manner.”  

Unite the Union has urged employers and employees alike to familiarise themselves with the “Employment - Information Booklet, Employer & Employee Guide, How BEAT Covid-19 Grant Measures Affect You”. The leaflet can be obtained from the Labour Inspectorate, Unite the Union and online:

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