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University looks south in post-Brexit world

The University of Gibraltar is adjusting its strategy and exploring new markets in response to challenges posed by Brexit.
The university had hoped to tap over 30% of its research funding from the European Union, but the UK’s withdrawal means it will have to rethink that plan.
Likewise the impact of Brexit on freedom of movement could have implications for its hopes to attract students from the surrounding region.
Daniella Tilbury, the university’s vice-chancellor, said the result of the referendum on EU membership was a disappointment not just in terms of the business prospects for the university, but on a personal level.
"Universities are very committed to the ideals of the European union, to greater collaboration, understanding, building cultural bridges, making the most of the student experience and of the wealth of expertise that lies in Europe,” she said.
"When you start building boundaries around some of this expertise and access to it, we're all going to be suffering."
"So it's painful."
But while Brexit was “a bump in the road” that would require a carefully crafted, paced response, it was not a threat that would derail the project.
Mrs Tilbury said the university was adopting a long-term view of the situation so as to make “smart decisions” in the months ahead. Its small size means Gibraltar’s fledgling university is “nimble” and unencumbered by tradition, enabling it to adapt as necessary to meet market needs.
"We've got to be sensible and look beyond the immediate. We have to plan this in a way where we're making choices that ensure we have a very sustainable future,” she said.

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