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Youngsters learn first aid with ‘Choking Charlie’

Local children learnt basic first aid and received their certificates yesterday after a week-long course at St John’s ambulance.

The group of six children showed off their knowledge in resuscitation and the recovery position. Medical dummy ‘Choking Charlie’ took centre stage with young first aider William Foster attempting the heimlich manoeuvre.

“This week they have been learning their basic young first aider, CPR, how to deal with normal cuts and bruises,” First Aider Kassandra Becerra said.

“They have been learning about what to do when finding people [in distress] on the streets to people having fits or drowning. Anything you could really think of.”

For the past week Miss Becerra has been teaching the children aged between 11 and 15 all about first aid.

This class was Miss Becerra’s second first aid workshop and will be the last organised this year in conjunction for the Summer Sports and Leisure Programme.

12-year-old William and Miriam Simha Ibgui aged 11 both told the Chronicle they now feel confident to save lives using the new skills they have learnt.

“We have learnt so much and I hope I never need to use it,” said Miriam. “We learnt how to put people in the recovery position and how to do CPR.”

On whether he would save someone down the street William jokily said: “It depends what gender they are but yes I feel confident.”

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