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21st Century education at Hebrew Primary School

As part of the new key teaching and learning initiatives in developing communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, students and teachers at Hebrew Primary School held an end of term learning celebration to showcase the amazing work generated by students using digital technologies.

“Incorporating project-based learning approaches as well as more traditional topic teaching methods, students worked collaboratively and creatively,” the Ministry for Education said in a statement.
“Students personalised their own learning experiences to answer driving questions on real-world problems.”

“Learning experiences were active, personal, and relevant, and designed to empower learners to be creators whose work mattered in a real-world construct.”

“The teaching culture at Hebrew Primary School, inspired by a growth mind-set, supported teachers in redesigning the learning experience for all pupils.”


In groups, children chose how they wished to communicate the information they had collected to an audience. They were encouraged to use various platforms, as well as digital applications on iPads to create media clips that could be shared online by scanning a QR Code.

Parents were invited to a series of school open mornings, where they were encouraged to walk around classes, engage their children in learning conversations and interact with the displays by scanning these QR Codes found in all classrooms and corridors; accessing the various media clips the children had created.

Students, parents and teachers were able to join together to celebrate learning and reflect positively on pupils’ accomplishments.

This new direction in education was very well received by parents who were extremely impressed by their children’s achievement as well as gaining an understanding into the way education is evolving to enhance and develop essential 21st Century Skills.

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