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Albert Isola confirms decision to stand down ahead of election

Albert Isola, the Minister for Financial Services. Photo by Johnny Bugeja

The GSLP’s Albert Isola has confirmed he will not seek re-election on October 12 and will return to private practice as a lawyer.

In a statement, Mr Isola said he had taken the decision with “a heavy heart” after 10 years in office, praising the public sector officials he had worked with over the years.

“I will forever be indebted to each and every one of them, even those with whom I have disagreed over this time,” he said in a personal statement.

“Every decision I have taken I have believed to be right and in the best interests of our community, and I have given this job every ounce of my energy and ability.”

“Governing is not easy, especially in small countries like ours, and ultimately that is why we are elected - to deal with and take the difficult decisions.”

Mr Isola said that when he returned to politics in 2013, he could never have imagined the challenges of Brexit or Covid that lay in store.

“They have been some of the most challenging and difficult years of our history and I believe the pending successful negotiation of the treaty is the final piece of that jigsaw that we need to carefully and skillfully navigate,” he said.

“I have absolutely no doubt that Fabian is the best person that can deliver that treaty for the reasons we have already made clear.”

And he added: “I will now look forward to spending more time with my family; my first grandchild God willing will be born in February and I look forward to many more.”

“I am grateful to them for giving me the time I have needed to do this job properly. I will also return to work with Isolas which I have greatly missed.”

Mr Isola thanked his Cabinet colleagues for their “friendship and untiring dedication” to the community, adding: “It is not easy.”

He described GSLP leader and acting Chief Minister Fabian Picardo as “one of a kind”.

“He has delivered for our community in areas that I believed were impossible, time and again,” he said.
“He is the best person to unlock the treaty negotiations safely and deliver to Gibraltar the fluidity at the frontier that our business community so craves, to enjoy the further success that this will undoubtedly bring us all, and keep Gibraltar safe.”

“We are fortunate to have him and it has been a real pleasure and privilege to work with him closely, at such difficult and challenging times.”

“He is what leadership is all about and I am proud to call him my friend.”

“It has been a humbling experience to serve, and I have been very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to do so with my colleagues.”

“I thank the community for their confidence in us at previous elections and I will always be available to my successors to support them in whatever way they determine I can best contribute.”

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