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Alliance encourages electorate to see 'bigger picture' in final day of campaign

Photo by Johnny Bugeja.

GSLP leader Fabian Picardo summed up the alliance campaign alongside Liberal leader Joseph Garcia in their last press conference before the general election tomorrow.

Mr Picardo called on the electoral to see the “bigger picture” and how the GSD would put the “handbrake on Gibraltar’s progress so far”.

He added the GSD will look back rather than look forward and said the GSLP/Liberals policies are stronger.

Mr Picardo said the alliance had been unable to fulfil all its commitments in the 2019 due to the pandemic, but urged the public to think what is best for nation.

With the election campaign coming to an end, Mr Picardo urged the public to block vote.

“We have won and lost elections,” Mr Picardo said.

“We know what the street is like when you're winning and we know what the street is like when you're losing.”

“We believe that the people of Gibraltar can see that the work that we have done in the last four years in particular, let alone the past 12 years, is meritorious work here.”

“I do not believe that the people of Gibraltar have had the best opposition that they've ever had in their history in the last four years.”

“In other words, you have a general election and so when you bring all those things together, I am left to wonder whether this race is as hyped as it is or not.”

“The only way that we will know, apart from opinion, is when on the morning of Friday, the returning officer announces to us who and with what votes are the members of the parliament.”

“Until then, everything is exciting speculation, and those of us who are in politics enjoy that exciting speculation.”

Mr Picardo said that Covid debt is on the shoulders of the government, which is said was in agreement with the shadow minister for finance.

He added that Dr Garcia and himself are the team to finish the UK/EU treaty on Gibraltar’s future relationship with the bloc.

"Fabian and I have been working closely on every aspect of that negotiation," Dr Garcia said.

"We've been involved in discussions at the very top level with ministers in the United Kingdom, ministers in Spain, and we have established personal relationships with all the personalities involved in the negotiations. So we know every detail. We've lived and briefed every moment of those negotiations."

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