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Brightmed Exhibition at Space 92 in conjunction with Kitchen Studios

A new exhibition opened yesterday at Space 92 as part of this year’s BrightMed and Gibraltar World Music Festival events. A collaborative exhibition with BrightMed and Kitchen Studios the exhibition includes work in all mediums and focuses on this year’s theme of ‘borders’.

The exhibition itself is entitled “Borders Exhibition” by Kitchen Studios and will run through to 31 August.

The works reflect on many interesting stories portrayed by the individual paintings, sculptures and other artefacts.

“Kitchen Studio and BrightMed take us on a tour through the premises at Space 92 with an array of artworks represents a range of methods and styles that reflects the diverse vision about Borders today. Some confront the borders of national and political delineation, bearing witness to communities of people on the move. Others examine those at the margins of society,” said a spokesperson for BrightMed and the Gibraltar World Music Festival.

“How do young people see their world, and what is important for them? What issues count for them as current preoccupations, and what’s their vision about borders? These and many other questions are answered by several art pieces created by the members of the collective Kitchen Studio.”

The exhibition is also a good opportunity to see the work of some young local upcoming artists with diverse talent and bright futures. The artists involved are Alan Perez, Beatrice Garcia, Patricia Imossi, Stefano Blanco, Ermelinda Duarte, Alex Menez and Lizanne Figueras.

“The aim of Kitchen is to curate a living, breathing workspace for young artists in Gibraltar, who face the problem of a lack of studio space to facilitate the exploration of their work.”
The exhibition is open Monday – Friday, 10am to 6pm.

Pic by Alice Mascarenhas

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