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Buhagiar’s watercolours on show at The Nook

Eyleen Gomez

An exhibition of watercolours by locally-based artist Lorraine Buhagiar is currently on in The Nook at the Arts and Crafts Centre in Casemates.

The artist was invited by the shop to exhibit her work and initially felt she did not have enough to fill the space but soon realised that was not the case.

“I realised I have a few bits and pieces that do not see the light of day and then I have added to it with a few larger pieces that perhaps some people would have seen before,” she said.

Many pieces are inspired by the photographs she took while on walks during lockdown in Spring this year.

“We weren’t allowed to do much and I was not working so I would go walking down in the area that I live in the South and take photos, come home and create from that. It is all sort of Rosia Bay, Little Bay and Camp Bay,” she said.

“Local flowers etc Basically Spring happened during that time and I love nature and I feel very comfortable with nature and this has given me a chance to show that off.”

Some of the paintings are relatively small but the detail is not missing.

The Chronicle asked Ms Buhagiar about this.

“I do not know if it is my downfall or what you can call it, but I just thrive on detail. I love detail and even if I try to simplify things I can’t help myself. That is me. I love it,” she said.

Paintings such as Wisteria cascading over a white washed wall, flowers and other flora jutting out of the cracks of a wall in the tunnel, a dilapidated bench in the Alameda Gardens are all scenes from around the Rock most locals would know.

Ms Buhagiar is also attracted to light and when she sees various images being lit up by the sun, she captures these visions and with the use of watercolours brings the subject to delicate but clear life.

The vast majority of the current exhibition is based on photographs she has taken, but she enjoys painting on site too.

“I do like painting outdoors, but it is not always easy with Levante and all the elements we have here,” she said.

The exhibition includes some work in acrylic paints, but her favourite medium is simpler.

“I am happiest with a pencil,” she said.

“With pencil and paper I don’t think you need much more than that to capture something. I love just using one pencil a five or six B and you can get all sorts of effects with that.”

She likes working with fabrics and beads and has created shapes of the Rock using both of these mediums and these are also available for sale at the shop.

She hopes people are shopping and buying locally especially when it comes to Christmas presents.

The exhibition will run until November 18. The shop is open Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm and on Saturday’s from 10am – 2pm.

The artist also has some work featured in an exhibition at the nearby Gustavo Bacarisas art gallery, where she was awarded a highly commended for one of her pieces in the recent International Art Competition.

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