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CAB offers ‘Better Advice Better Health’ on Mental Health Awareness Week

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB) is reminding the community of their counselling services as Mental Health Awareness Week comes to a close.

CAB said it aims to benefit the community with a wide range of services, catering not only to a person’s practical needs, such as advice on issues such as debt and loss of employment, but also to one’s emotional needs.

“Counselling enables people to look more closely at their problems with the aim to help them deal and overcome issues that are causing emotional pain and perhaps impeding them from moving forward in life,” CAB said.

“It could be a problem that has become unmanageable or simply present as feeling or dissatisfaction or unhappiness with life in general.”

“Many times people find themselves trapped in repeated destructive relationships and in spite of genuine desire to change they find it very difficult to do so.”

“There are many reasons for this inability to change. But perhaps the most significant of these is a lack of self-awareness and personal insight. Counselling provides a safe place for you to talk and explore and explore difficult feelings.”

“The counsellor is there to support people and respect their views. Counsellors will enable them to find their own insights and understanding of their problems.”

CAB’s counselling referral system entails directing and allocating the clients that come to CAB to the most appropriate counsellor.

All people need to do is make an appointment themselves or through their carer or doctor.

A qualified counsellor at CAB will gather their personal information and also tell them who their counsellor will be after their initial free session at CAB.

“Counselling is based on trustworthy, non-judgemental and genuine relationship and for this reason we like to see the client initially, this will help our in-house counsellor to allocate the client with the best suited counsellor,” CAB said.

“Our services are strictly free, confidential and impartial.”

For further information or to book an appointment, please call 20040006 or alternatively email:

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