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Census takes place today

A census will be conducted in Gibraltar today which people are required by law to take part in.

The census will take a snapshot of everyone present on the Rock today, including people who are usually resident here and those who are short-term residents, as well as visitors.

The exercise serves two main purposes, including providing a sound basis for accurate comparisons in respect of the changes which have taken place over the time period.

It also aims to provide information that will be useful both to the Government of Gibraltar and to other organisations in formulating policies, in targeting resources more effectively and in planning for future housing, education, health, employment and other needs.

The last census was conducted in 2012, when there were 33,566 people present on census night, of whom 32,194 were usually resident on the Rock.

Questions for residents range from age, nationality and religion, to health, employment mode of travel to work.

All the information provided is protected by law and it is a legal requirement for to take part in the census, either by completing a questionnaire or by being included in one.

Every household should have received a letter with a website link and a unique ‘Household Access Code’ to access the questionnaire online. Some households may have a received a paper questionnaire.

Gibraltar has been divided into 100 districts for the purpose of the census, each known as an “enumeration area”.

The census will be overseen by a commissioner and each district will be staffed by enumerators, senior census officers and census officers who will collect the data.

Regulations published earlier this month require any person present in Gibraltar today to fill out the census form, with a fine of £50 for people who refuse or neglect to comply or provide false information.

A census is a statistical survey that aims to cover a complete count of the population rather than a sample or cross-section of that population.

According to the government, it is “the largest and most complex statistical exercise” carried out in Gibraltar and usually takes place once every 10 years.

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