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Christmas spirit in a shoebox

Eyleen Gomez

Jayne Wink together with ‘Team Christmas Spirit’ have collected over 80 shoeboxes for homeless or vulnerable people on the Rock this Christmas.

Ms Wink has been doing the shoebox for the homeless appeal for many years including in other countries and cities such as Madrid.

“For me there is no frontier, everybody is the same,” she said.

“It is about connecting with people and helping others especially during the Christmas period.”

“This year due to Covid there are a lot of people struggling. Not only the homeless people but families, vulnerable people, people with mental health issues.”

“We want to reach out to them and be able to say ‘Look we care. We care about you and everyone is special’, and everyone should have a Christmas gift regardless of what age, gender or where you come from,” she added.

Ms Wink believes that the ‘real Christmas spirit’ needs to return. Above all she wants people to remember that Christmas is not about receiving but about giving and being selfless.

Collecting the shoeboxes from people who are donating in Market Place over the past few weeks, Ms Wink noticed that despite its name, many people were donating larger boxes of items.

“Really, really, today I even felt like crying because the thing is that the generosity and the heart of the people in Gibraltar compares to no other, es verdad,” she said.

“Because we have children doing drawings and pictures and we have brought back Christmas cards. Christmas cards are very personal and it is a message of hope that is uplifting and it’s a powerful message especially from the younger generation.”

While they have over 80 boxes at present it is not too late to donate and those who wish to can contact Ms Wink on 54012932.

“Christmas is about thinking of others and of those who have nothing, people who are vulnerable, those who have lost their jobs,” she said.

“Just think and think from the heart. You don’t have to give any money, a simple drawing, a simple card, a simple word or listening to others as giving someone the time is the most precious gift you can give."

Ms Wink and Team Christmas Spirit will be in Market Place on December 23 and 24 and we be providing soup, coffee, tea, mince pies for anybody who wants to go along.

“If it doesn’t rain I want to be here [Market Place] all day,” she said.

“Not only the homeless, anybody that is in a vulnerable state or anybody that is elderly. Anybody can come have a chat and sit and have a drink or something.”

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