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Clinton questions 28% pay hike for top civil servants

Shadow Finance Minister Roy Clinton has flagged a 28% pay increase awarded to the Chief Secretary and the Principle Auditor as ‘inconsistent’ and ‘potentially inflammatory’ when compared to the standard civil service increase of 2.75%.

Mr Clinton has indicated that he will move a motion when Parliament meets next week calling on Chief Minister Fabian Picardo to explain the increase, which is over 10 times the agreed civil service pay award.

The motion reads: "This House notes that the Government in the 2016/17 Budget estimates indicated that both the office of Chief Secretary and the office of Principal Auditor were to be awarded pay increases of 28.21% from £123,219 to £157,978 each.”

The motion adds that other office holders originally on the same pay scale - namely the Attorney General, the Financial Secretary, the Commissioner of Police and the Chief Technical Officer - have been given the standard civil service increase of 2.75% in 2016/17, from £123,319 to £126,608.

Mr Clinton referred to the newly-formed department for Public Sector Efficiency and questioned whether a 28% pay increase was consistent with its aims.

“Such an award seems inconsistent and potentially inflammatory to the wider civil service,” the motion adds.