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Coalition for Climate Action (CCA) formed on the Rock

Johnny Bugeja

A coalition of groups called ‘Coalition for Climate Action’ (CCA) has been established this week in support of the citizens’ role to see local action taken on Climate Change.

The coalition comprises of Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society, Gibraltar Heritage Trust, Pollution Watch, Sustainable Gibraltar, The Nautilus Project and the Environmental Safety Group.

“In response to Government’s own stated ‘Climate Emergency Pledge’ a number of public meetings have been held, with groups supporting petitions as well as a recent local protest,” said a statement from the coalition.

“The groups consider a coalition is now called for to coordinate and plan a sustained campaign on the most pressing issue of our time,” the statement added.

The CCA’s key aims are:
1. The setting up of a totally independent Climate Body, funded and tasked to roll out a cross-party supported agenda, set in a timeframe that legally binds all future administrations.
2. For the areas to be addressed by the Climate Body to include: pollution, waste, energy, transport and development.
3. For the transition away from use and trade of fossil fuels.

The newly formed coalition statement also noted that the groups thanked the Minister for the Environment Dr John Cortes for his formal response to the house petition that was also duly published.

“In it the minister stresses his Government’s own agreement with the petition’s objectives. The coalition commends the framework produced under the new Climate Act as well as the detailed commitments laid before parliament by the Minister and the recent passing of the bill, supported by all sides of the House,” said the statement.

“The newly formed coalition nevertheless reiterates its call for the Climate Body to be independent, reporting to parliament and the community, and for an action plan with clearly defined timelines for the radical reduction of our carbon output to be set and rigorously followed with palpable consequences for delays in the process,” the statement added.

The CCA is presently seeking a meeting with Government.

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