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Cooperation key to success in Gibraltar, says new political party

The newly-formed Progressive People’s Party has urged voters to back the Greens in Gibraltar and the South West to send the strongest pro-EU message in the European elections.

“Cooperation between pro-EU parties is vital to maximise the impact of the pro-EU vote in the European elections on 23 May,” the new party’s interim leader, Liz Holmes said adding: “So, to avoid splitting the vote, we are offering our support to other pro-EU parties and not fielding our own candidates on this occasion.”

The People's Party said one choice does not fit all regions in these elections and the party is backing different parties in different regions depending on local circumstances.

“The most important thing is to have the best regional result for Pro-Europeans”, the party said.

In Wales, the Party is putting its weight behind Plaid Cymru, and in the Eastern region, the Lib Dems.

Ms Holmes said: “We are not suggesting Lib Dem voters should lend the Greens their vote in Gibraltar – the Liberal Democrats did extremely well in the local elections and they are already on course to win a seat at the European elections in this region.”

“However, we believe our supporters, and, crucially, supporters of Change UK, Remain Labour and Remain Conservatives, will be most effective by getting behind the Greens and their Lead Candidate, Molly Scott Cato, on 23 May.”

“Molly is already a great MEP for Gibraltar and the South West, campaigning not only for her constituents but on issues that affect all of us; and we look forward to her serving another successful term in the European Parliament.”

Ms Scott Cato welcomed the backing of the Progressive People’s Party: “We are delighted that the new Progressive People’s Party has chosen to back the Greens in the South West in the European elections.”

“I am sure this choice reflects the fact that I have a strong track record as an MEP and the knowledge we have a good chance of retaining the seat here.”

“Greens are the only Remain Party in the South West region with a lead candidate who is an experienced MEP. We also have a range of social, economic and environmental policies that will appeal to progressive voters.”

The Progressive People's Party was set up last month by activists and campaigners from several political parties.

“Pro-Europeans on the centre-left are feeling let down. We are giving people who share our values real choice, so they don’t have to compromise on the least worst option,” said Ms Holmes.

The Party’s founders have been active in a wide range of campaigns over recent years, including working on several tactical voting initiatives for the 2017 General Election.

They aim to change the face of British politics by enabling more co-operation and discussion in politics rather than the current tribal two-party system, which the founders claimed is not helping Britain.

“Forging the new politics that the UK is crying out for means doing things in new ways, such as working together when there is common cause,” added Ms Holmes, “We are proudly centre left. Many of our members have come to us from the Labour party, which has no clear policy on Brexit and appears unwilling to work with others. Pooling pro-European votes in this EU election is the best possible outcome.”

“If we stood in the South-West of England, we would weaken the pro-Remain message. So we want all those who would have supported us – and those disappointed by Labour policies on Brexit – to vote for the Greens there on May 23."

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