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Covid ‘not valid excuse’ for pending 2019 Alliance manifesto commitments, Vasquez says

Independent Social Democrat, Robert Vasquez, on Friday rejected the GSLP/Liberal’s leader Fabian Picardo’s claim that many of the Alliance’s 2019 manifesto promises had not been met “due to him dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and to Brexit talks”.

In a statement, Mr Vasquez said these may have engaged both Mr Picardo and Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Joseph Garcia, but questioned what the other eight ministers had been doing during this time.

“Those are not valid excuses,” Mr Vasquez said.

“He speaks as if he was the only person elected to government and so capable of delivering. Well, that is not so.”

“There have been (until very recently) eight other GSLP/Liberal ministers who we all elect to do a job.”

“There are usually ten in total.”

“What then have those eight other ministers been doing to earn their keep?”

“Why has one or a few not been charged with coordinating the joint effort to keep manifesto promises?”

“Surely delivering different manifesto promises was the responsibility of each and all the ministers not just the Chief Minister.”

“They are all being paid large amounts every year from our money to serve us.”

“Are the other ministers doing little to earn their big salaries?”

Mr Vasquez added: “If you vote for ROBERT VASQUEZ, you will get in Parliament someone who will fight for the ministers of either party, which is elected to govern, to do as they promised in their manifesto.”

“He will also use the press and his blog, Llanito World on Facebook and on to campaign on those and other fronts which can be found in his manifesto.”

“There is also much online on those two sites of interest published over many years.”


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