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Cross Frontier Group demands contingency plans for Gibraltar and Campo

The Cross Frontier group has called on the British, Spanish and Gibraltar governments to prepare and publish contingency plans that will mitigate the harmful effects of a possible ‘No Deal’ Brexit.

The group said this will protect the rights and interests of citizens and safeguard the economic activity of the region at large.

The business and labour organisations on either side of the frontier and represented in the Cross Frontier Group have reiterated their deep concern over the successive news stories surrounding the UK’s exit from the EU and warn of the danger a ‘no deal’ Brexit would bring to this region.

In this respect, the Cross Frontier Group has “strongly urged” the respective governments to tackle the issue collaboratively and to participate together in the design and implementation of a special contingency plan to deal with any scenario that could arise in the coming months.

The group feels that it is the respective governments, in accordance with their very own publicly stated commitments, who have the responsibility of anticipating the measures required to mitigate the pernicious but foreseeable repercussions that a ‘No Deal’ would imply for the thousands of citizens, workers and businesses in Gibraltar and the Campo.

The Cross Frontier Group also believes it is essential that this contingency plan should be a collaborative and joint effort by all governments involved and drawn up with the general interests of citizens at heart and above all else.

To this end the group said a constant flow of information regarding the measures should be maintained throughout in order to guarantee a positive outcome.

“The life and welfare of thousands of citizens is at stake. We therefore make an uncompromising appeal to all political representatives to give due consideration to the consequences of their decisions,” the group said.

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