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CSRO and eGov work to resolve ‘complex’ ID card dilemma

Photo by Eyleen Gomez

The Gibraltar Government on Thursday announced a collaboration between the Civil Status and Registration Office and Customer Services Hub to “enhance customer experience” and address “complex” difficulties faced by some residents.

In a statement, No.6 Convent Place said it is fully aware of the challenges faced by residents caught in the unique predicament of being unable to renew their ID cards due to unregistered residences while simultaneously being unable to register their residences because their ID cards have expired.

“This situation is complex, and both departments have been actively exploring solutions,” the statement read.

“The Gibraltar Government is pleased to introduce a collaborative solution in partnership with the relevant authorities, to assist residents in resolving these issues.”

Residents facing this dilemma may now visit the hub.

This department will liaise with the CSRO and request an "authorisation" letter on behalf of the individual, aiming to progress both the individual’s “eGov” status and their renewals.

This new interdepartmental process will provide the necessary structure for these requests.

By adopting this approach, residents will be presented with a solution that allows them to both register at the RPO and proactively register their renewal without the need to visit multiple counters.

“Both the Civil Status and Registration Department and the Hub remain committed to delivering essential services efficiently,” the statement read.

“We are eager to resolve these issues, streamline the renewal process, and provide our residents with the necessary support.”

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