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Department of Environment steps up planting in time for spring

A number of planting initiatives have been carried out over recent weeks at various locations around the Rock.

This forms part of the continuing work driven by the Department of Environment, Heritage and Climate Change aimed at increasing greenery in Gibraltar.

Further planting with salt-resistant species has been carried out in the area of Europa Point.

While some of these while still young suffer in strong levanter weather, because of the intensive planting, enough are expected to survive to continue the spread of the vegetation of the area in the coming months.

Recent planting by Department of Environment (1)

More recently, hundreds of young plants of the Sea Daffodil Pancratium maritimum, grown from seed at Greenarc’s nurseries have been planted in several locations, including Western Beach, under the supervision of Leslie Linares of the Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society (GONHS).

Sea Daffodils have also been planted at the North Front Cemetery. This species, which grows in sandy areas by the sea and which produces attractive white flowers in the height of summer had become extremely rare in Gibraltar and will now be firmly re-established, helping to enhance the areas where it has been planted. The cemetery too has seen the planting of 50 more Araucaria trees.

In addition, five Ficus trees have been placed in planters in several urban areas around Gibraltar. These areas will benefit visually from the trees where services in the ground prevent the trees being planted in the soil.

Dr John Cortes, the Minister for the Environment and Climate Change, said: “By carrying out this planting we are at the same time increasing greenery and the beauty of Gibraltar, and saving rare species. The public will be pleased to know that we will continue with such initiatives through 2019”.

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