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Embracing green opportunities

By the Environmental Safety Group

With COP27 underway in Egypt, it seems only yesterday that COP26 took place in Glasgow with plenty of fanfare.

Though far from perfect, a number of commitments were made by world leaders to take meaningful action to reduce carbon emissions and support those most affected by climate impacts today.

These commitments are now under scrutiny in Egypt.

It is hoped that the UK’s Climate programme will see renewed vigour after Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, publicly committed to remain resolved in staying on course to meet its own targets.

So far, however, pledges have not been met with necessary, tangible actions, and seen decisions taken recently on fossil fuel production that have also thrown doubt on such commitments.

We know that our own Climate Strategy, published during last years COP26, has provided some traction within Govt to prepare for targets that must be met here in Gibraltar.

However we do not know exactly what will be met within targets, what is delayed, and if so, by how long.

The ESG believes the community should be kept informed of the progress or otherwise that has been made in meeting Gibraltar’s Climate Strategy Targets and how the Climate Change Committee is helping drive these goals.

This type of audit, or checklist should be in the public domain if the strategy is to succeed.

Reducing carbon emissions in Gibraltar will also result in cleaner air and a healthier environment so of clear public interest.

Global economy, the war in Ukraine, energy crisis and more are creating multiple and immediate challenges to policy makers and world leaders.

The climate emergency, however, is already leading to catastrophic developments for some countries and nipping at the heels of many others and should firmly remain a major priority for all.

Gibraltar is on its own complex journey, no less so at present, but, as we are often told, climate woes present opportunities for a green revolution and application of best available technology that we hope Gibraltar will embrace going forward.

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