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EU using time pressure to get more money out of UK: David Davis

David Davis has accused the European Union of using time pressure to see if they "can get more money out of us".

The Brexit Secretary also told MPs the UK is "ready and well prepared" to start discussions with the EU on its future trading relationship after Brexit, although it is "still some way" from securing a new partnership with Brussels, noting Britain was on the right path.

He added the UK is "straining every sinew" to get a deal, but said it must "prepare for all the other alternatives", telling the Commons it is a negotiation with many people which "could go wrong" and there is a need to retain the right to walk away to avoid a terrible deal.

"It is absolutely in everyone's interests that we have an outcome which encourages free trade in all directions across the European Union and ourselves,” Mr Davis said.

"The simple truth is of course we're in a negotiation, and they're using time pressure to see if they can get more money out of us, and bluntly, that's what's going on - it's obvious to anybody, and that will take some time, but we will get there in time, I'm quite sure, to get a decent outcome for everybody."

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