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Father Alex takes over as director of missionary movement

Rev Fr. Alex missioner 25 -10-18 (Photo John Bugeja) taking over from the late Fr Grima's Mission Africa

Rev. Father Alexander Cauchi promised to continue the work of Father George Grima during his first visit to the Rock. The visit comes over a year after the passing of Fr Grima. Fr Grima founded the ‘Jesus is Thy Neighbour’ movement which inspired GibMissionAfrica.

Father Alex is committed to continuing all projects and activities in Brazil, Kenya and Ethiopia and following on the work of Father Grima.

Fr Alex, as he likes to be known, and Fr Grima were friends for over 30 years, and since Fr Grima’s sudden and sad passing his friend as vowed to continue his work.

“When he died suddenly I returned to Malta to continue his work,” Fr Alex said.

“The movement has lots of work in many countries including Brazil, Kenya and Ethiopia, and there are other groups like here in Gibraltar that help to do all the fundraisers. We help 23,000 children every day.”

“There are big projects like schools and we are now building a disabled centre in Ethiopia and we need a lot of money to do all these things. I am here to meet the group in Gibraltar so they can get to know me and continue this work here.”

Fr Alex spent 22 years as a parish priest in Brazil, and he recalls how Fr Grima helped him make the transition from Malta to Brazil.

The missionary sends close to $80,000 per month to aid Ethiopia, Kenya and Brazil. The charity currently has close to 233 projects ongoing in Ethiopia.

Projects can include nurseries, day centres, and schools.

Last April Fr Alex visited Kenya to oversee the work for a month, and last month visited Ethiopia.

“If we don’t have volunteers like the group here, I think it would be impossible for us to work,” Fr Alex said.

Fr Alex Is currently learning more and more about the charity he has taken over with their main focuses including nutrition and education.

He added he is trying to fill Fr Grima’s shows as best as he can.

“It is not easy to follow Fr George, but I am trying to do my best,” Fr Alex said.

Fr Alex was preparing to return to Malta from Brazil to stay with Fr Grima before his death, but those plans never transpired.

“We had talked about the possibility of me going to Malta and staying with Fr George so we could talk about the mission,” Fr Alex said.

“We had planned but the god had another plan.”

Fr Alex added he was very impressed with Gibraltar and had always wanted to visit the Rock.

“The people are very generous and I am impressed with Gibraltar as a whole, it is very nice,” he said.

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