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Feetham hosts Connect Hub workshop for students and parents at Gibraltar Finance Centre

The Ministry of Justice, Trade and Industry, Nigel Feetham, hosted a workshop at the Finance Centre recently.

The Connect Hub event was aimed at bridging the recruitment gap in the finance and gaming sectors, and to engage with young people and their parents in meaningful discussions about career opportunities in these sectors.

Mr Feetham opened the workshop by highlighting a pressing issue: the lack of young Gibraltarians working within the finance and gaming sectors.
The workshop brought together representatives from Gaming, Insurance, Digital, and Finance sectors to provide an overview of their roles and answer questions from both youngsters and their parents.

The attendees included a diverse group of young people studying subjects ranging from accounting and business to sciences, religion, and maths. Many of them were still exploring their career paths, with aspirations varying from medical fields to computer science.

Stewart Harrison, Founding Trustee of the Digital Skills Academy, who also chaired the event, emphasised the importance of addressing the disconnect between education and industry.
He noted that the workshop aimed to align the aspirations of young people with the opportunities available in Gibraltar’s thriving sectors.

The industry representatives spoke about how they began their careers, often in fields unrelated to their degrees, and stressed that degrees are not always necessary as many companies provide in house training and skills development. They also highlighted the various roles available within their sectors.

Parents were actively involved in the discussions, expressing their opinions on career expectations for their children.

They praised the workshop as a well organised and valuable initiative that provided students with essential information and multiple career options. Many parents noted that succeeding in life does not necessarily require a university degree and appreciated the insights into alternative career paths.

"The Connect Hub workshop was another step towards connecting our youth with industry and providing young people with the guidance and opportunities they need to build successful careers in Gibraltar’s key sectors,” said Mr Feetham.

“These sectors are crucial to our economy, contributing significantly to our GDP and offering numerous career opportunities. It is essential that we make these sectors viable and attractive to our youth.”

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