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Georgina White crowned Mrs Gibraltar 2023

Photos by Justin Koen

Georgina Victoria White was crowned Mrs Gibraltar 2023 in a glitzy pageant recently held at the Ince’s Hall.

In pageant saw Kyreille Garcia and Krystel Gonzalez awarded 1st Princess and 2nd Princess respectively.

This year’s pageant was themed on climate change and, in keeping with that inspiration, members of Yalta Dance Studio and Joely Ann Joaquin (Mrs Gibraltar 2022) opened the show with a dance routine evoking the mythological elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

The contestants then walked onto the stage to applause and a remix of a popular Sam Smith song, arranged by show director Angel Luis Ressa.

“The audience did not expect their appearance and everyone began to cheer and clap for their favourite contestant,” organisers said.

“The crowd loved the routine and music. It was the perfect combination of poses and footwork and everything blended in so well together, the background videos, lighting, everything.”

“The crowd definitely enjoyed and encouraged the 10 beautiful ladies to give it their all! The ladies were then invited onto the stage individually to present themselves and their sponsors as part of the air element routine.”

“This gave the judges a short insight on how each individual spoke with a large audience in the theatre watching them.”

The ladies competed over a number of rounds, beginning with a short speech to introduce themselves and their sponsors, modelling along to a fiery musical routine, a catwalk, an evening dress round.

The show was interspersed with video updates on their months of preparation for the gala, the charity work they did, and a short clip raising awareness of domestic violence.

“From local charity work, to different health and fitness classes and a holistic wellness program delivered by Bianca Yeo and Nyree Turnock,” organisers said.

Breaking up the rounds, Zyanne Rios and the Yalta dancers performed two further routines, and there were songs from Jaydine Baglietto and 17-year-old Lynn, a singer from The Netherlands.
Lynn has performed on the Voice Kids and this autumn her first single will be released on Spotify and YouTube.

The five judges – fashion designer Alejandro Aldana, photographic model Jose Luis Yetor-Wadeson, fashion industry veteran Veronica Cerezo, hair stylist Donna Marie Norbury, and beauty consultant and chairperson Angeles Dias – had the unenviable task of choosing only one overall winner.

Yalta’s Dance Studio performed their last piece of the night called ‘maniac’ and then the ladies entered the stand to the song ‘fierce’ for their earth element routine which was their catwalk routine.

“This was their favourite routine and it definitely reflected on stage. They were outstanding and the audience wanted more and more,” organisers said.

After a 20-minute interval, the ladies last routine was the water element routine where they wore their stunning evening dresses.

“This year they shook things up and included their interviews in this routine too.”

“This enabled them to show off their dresses more and each and every one of the ladies answered their questions with pride and grace.”

“It was definitely a difficult task for the judges.”

At the culmination of the show, Mrs Gibraltar 2022 Joely Ann Joaquin returned to the stage, accompanied by her 1st and 2nd Princesses, Michelle Harrison and Siham Boulhit.

Mrs Gibraltar 2022 sat down on a throne which was created by Anabelle Mor Codali, from the Gibraltar Horticultural Society.

In the tense final moments, Georgina Victoria White was announced as the new Mrs Gibraltar to cheers and applause from the audience.

Further awards are as follows:
Public vote award winner Contestant No1 Krystel Gonzalez.

Friendship award Contestant No4 Sheetal Viroomal.

Ana Luisa Ressa Award Contestant No9 Roxana Vilerio.

Ideal Productions Award Contestant No2 Franceska Guiling.

Photogenic Award Contestant No1 Krystel Gonzalez.

The YGTV Award Contestant No10 Victoria Walker.

The Catwalk Award Contestant No3 Georgina Victoria White.

The Elegance Award Contestant No1 Krystel Gonzalez.

Star of India Award Contestant No5 Tessa Pace

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