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GGCA questions budget ‘exhortation’ on civil servants

The Executive Committee of the GGCA has expressed disappointment at “the exhortation” made to civil servants by the Chief Minister - and endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce - “to be ready to do more, go further, work harder” and “be more efficient”.

“There are many civil servants who already go well and above the call of duty in service of the public with little to no recognition or acknowledgement,” the GGCA said in a statement.

“In many areas throughout the civil service, existing staff have been carrying the burden of vacant posts.”

“In the many instances of this nature, the staff cannot possibly ‘do more’.”

The GGCA said such a call could only arise from prejudice brought about by “…the mythical stereotype of the lazy, uncooperative civil servant.”

But it said such stereotypes had no basis in reality and did a great disservice to the vast majority of civil servants who already work hard and very efficiently.

To further illustrate its point, the GGCA pointed to the parallel stereotype of the rich, grasping employer who over-works and underpays his employees without consideration for their well-being.

Again, it stressed, these stereotypes had no basis in reality, adding that to reinforce such beliefs was negative for the business sector and for the community in general.

The GGCA took issue with the Chamber’s statement that it had “strongly” lobbied the Gibraltar Government not to increase social insurance costs.

“The purpose of social insurance is to protect vulnerable employees in times of need – clearly it is essential to all workers in Gibraltar,” the GGCA said.

“The Chamber wants to ‘work with the Government to review and overhaul the social insurance system’.”

“Such a review would need to be undertaken in conjunction with all unions in Gibraltar, to ensure that no protections afforded to the vulnerable are lost or weakened, but rather bolstered and enhanced.”

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