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Gib Westminster movement launches new petition

The Gibraltar in Westminster Movement has launched a petition calling for the Rock to have its own representation in the British Parliament.

“Our aim and objective is to correct a Parliamentary deficit that exists in our National status that Gibraltarians are British Citizens and have no representation or voice in our Mother Parliament,” the Committee said yesterday.

At a press conference, the Committee said that Gibraltar, currently, depends on the goodwill of British MPs to raise questions on matters that affect it.

“This is not on, Gibraltarians as Loyal British Citizens deserve Full Parliamentary Equality with all other British MPs.”

The group has therefore launched a new website where it aims to generate further public awareness of the issue and from where the petition can be accessed.

The Group added that it believes that should Gibraltar have representation in Westminster it would be seen as a member of the British family of nations.

“This would in itself help in placing us in a position of respect with unfriendly acts from whatever quarter it comes since any action against Gibraltar would be an act against a part of the British Nation.”

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