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Gibraltar can ‘write its Brexit future’, Picardo says

As the UK and the EU prepare to negotiate Brexit, Gibraltar has an opportunity to “write for itself” what shape the Rock’s future should take, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has said.

Speaking ahead of National Day and the first session of Parliament after the summer break, the Chief Minister said Brexit should not be seen in terms of Leave or Remain, the language of the June 23 referendum, but rather in terms of the level of future participation that Gibraltar should have in the EU.

Mr Picardo acknowledged that there was still deep uncertainty in the UK as to what shape Brexit would take, but he drew a distinction as far as Gibraltar was concerned.

"The big difference between Gibraltar and the UK is that Gibraltar has a very clear view of where it needs to be," he told the Chronicle.

"The UK economy is larger and has many more moving pieces, so it's harder to move from the shock of the morning of the 24th [of June] to a clear position which takes into consideration all of those areas."

"We can tell them now what is essential for us going forward, whilst they are still collecting the list of essentials," he added.

"We've already given them our shopping list, whilst they are in the process of collecting shopping lists."



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