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Gibraltar congratulates Cayman Islands on constitutional reform

Image by Hans Schwarzkopf from Pixabay

The Government of Gibraltar has congratulated the Premier of the Government of the Cayman Islands, Alden McLaughlin, and its people on their achievement of constitutional reform.

To celebrate the historic occasion, the Cayman Islands have organised a special state opening and commemorative ceremony to mark the first meeting of the newly named Parliament of the Cayman Islands.

This marks a significant change as previously recognised Members of the Legislative Assembly will now be known as Members of Parliament.

This transition is part of a series of steps that advance the Cayman Islands towards a more mature democracy by providing greater protections and autonomy over their own domestic affairs.

In a letter to Mr McLaughlin, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo expressed “heartfelt congratulations” on behalf of the Gibraltar Government and Gibraltar Parliament.

“Our rights to self-determination and to modern democratic self-government are precious and come with both responsibility and benefit,” he wrote.

“A Constitution must reflect those modern rights of people and protect them, our economies and our chosen way of life.”

“Looked at from a distance, sometimes political history often seems to move slowly, simmering along until things come to a head provoked, sometimes by the impact of new technologies, or by the unwelcome action of powerful countries, and the force of nature.”

“Gibraltar, Cayman and our fellow British Overseas Territories have been working hard together to protect our people in the face of major challenges this year such as Brexit and Covid-19.”

“Our relationships with the United Kingdom must always be governed by mutual respect and shared values and those are not just words.”

“Through the bonds that we have forged between us all, the territories constitute a great asset for British interests, and therefore our own interests.”

“On this deserved red-letter day, Gibraltar sends its best wishes to the beautiful Cayman Islands and the magnificent people of the Cayman Islands.”

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