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Gibraltar strengthens links ‘Down Under’

Australia High Commissioner 2017 ( Photo John Bugeja) 19-12-17 to UK meets the Gib media

Australia’s financial sector “could develop an interest” in Gibraltar, UK High Commissioner of Australia Alexander Downer said during a fact-finding visit to the Rock.

Mr Downer was speaking at a press conference at the University of Gibraltar where he outlined why he had decided to research the Rock.

This is the first time a High Commissioner of Australia to the UK has visited Gibraltar.

Mr Downer described how Australian firms engaged in business with Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, adding that perhaps some businesses would also be interested in Gibraltar.

The focus of the visit, he added, was not Brexit-related as it is not a preoccupation for Australia, while the relationship between the UK and Australian would remain very close.

“I think there is every chance that Australian financial firms could become more interested [in Gibraltar],” Mr Downer said.

One aspect of Gibraltar’s economic activity, however, has proved controversial in Australia in recent months, and Mr Downer did not shy away from making that clear.