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Government launches new public health website

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Gibraltar’s Public Health service has undergone a re-branding, with a new website launched yesterday by Minister for Public Health, Dr John Cortes, and the Health Promotion team at a press conference at No.6 Convent Place.

The website is distinct from that of the GHA, and provides information and advice on several aspects of healthy living, from childhood through to adulthood.

Its content is tailored specifically to Gibraltar, and its contents and campaigns are specific to Gibraltar’s needs.

The website also works to support the Public Health Department’s Schools Programme, through which children are provided with the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices throughout their lives.

“Public health has a life of its own, public health is different to treatment of conditions it has a bearing on our way of life, what we do and is very close to all of us,” said Dr Cortes.

“The word health is very important here, even those of us who are healthy need to be aware of the concerns and issues related to public health in order to remain healthy,” he added.

The main website has been developed from the ground up and is comprised of six microsites - Change4Life, Smoking, Healthy Eating, Alcohol, Physical Activity and Campaigns.

According to the Government each site contains very comprehensive, up-to-date information and advice on a wide range of health topics, based on the latest research and in line with UK guidelines.

The website has a modern interface that is colourful, contemporary and easy to navigate.

It will be updated regularly with interactive material that supports Gibraltar’s latest Public Health campaigns, communicates research developments and provides useful resources, including recipes, event information and leaflets.

“It is a vastly comprehensive website with many more pages than the previous website,” Director of Public Health Dr Vijay Kumar said.

“The information is up to date and carries advice on a wide range of topics based on research evidence and UK guidelines, so this is right up to the minute,” Dr Kumar added.

Aside from the six main areas, information on five different topics can also be located. These are healthy living, mental health, preventing infection, sexual health and sun safety.

Material can be downloaded from the website, with the team’s intention to have all material they have accessible be obtainable on the website.

“The information is targeted at everybody and it does not try to duplicate the doctor and every time there is a need to seek medical advice it says so, it can take to up to a point but after that you need personal advice from a doctor,” said Dr Kumar.

Dr Cortes, said: “This is a hugely useful resource in advising the public about healthy living and avoiding illness.”

“The team at Public Health Gibraltar is to be congratulated on this work. I’d also like to thank the GHA and my colleague the Minister of Health Neil Costa for the input and support that the GHA provides to the Public Health Team.”

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