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Governor’s Meadow Lower Primary School Year 2 Pupils learn about Barbary Macaques

Year 2 pupils at Governor’s Meadow Lower Primary School were recently given an educational presentation by Brian Gomila from Monkey Talks.

Pupils learned about local Barbary Macaques, their habitat and diet.

“What really captured pupils’ interest was finding out about the ways our Barbary macaques interact and communicate not only with each other but also with people,” said a statement from the Government.

“Understanding how to “read” a monkey’s facial expression, sounds and movements helps us in the way we need to behave around our Barbary macaques .This, in turn, will let us learn more about them and allow us to enjoy their company in a safe environment,” the statement added.

The talk delivered by Brian Gomila formed part of the Science topic of ‘Animals and their Habitats’. Governor’s Meadow Lower Primary School links this topic with Gibraltar Studies and involves the support of local experts such Monkey Talks, The Nautilus Project Team and GOHNS.

“This is another wonderful example of how schools can work alongside experts in our community to learn about our local wildlife and our impact on them,” said Head Teacher Fiona Ferro.

“This work has been extremely relevant and useful to our pupils who could not wait to visit the Barbary macaques in their natural habitat, observing some of the behaviours explored during the talk. The school is very grateful to Mr Gomila from Monkey Talks in providing this opportunity for our pupils,” she added.

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