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Govt debtors barred from new marina

Pic by David Parody

 Berths at the new small boats marina will not be allocated to anyone who is in arrears with the Gibraltar Government or any government entity in relation to debt.

The move, which the Government described as an “important innovation”, comes as the Principle Auditor recently flagged up the weak recovery rate of the Housing Department as rent arrears on government properties peaked at £6 million.

A Government statement on the subject reads: “In an important innovation, the Rules provide that berths may not be allocated to individuals who are in arrears with the Gibraltar Government or Government Agency, Authority or company in relation to any debt.”

“Any applicant who would otherwise be entitled to a berth is required to clear the debt before being allocated a berth.”

Allocation of berths at the new Small Boats Marina will start “immediately” and applicants are can expect to receive a letter from the Gibraltar Port Authority shortly.

The Government has also published the Small Vessels Rules ahead of the completion of the new marina.

Berths will be allocated by the Captain of the Port and the new rules include the criteria for the allocation of berths at the Mid-Harbour Small Boats Marina.

This means the order of priority during allocation will be determined through these new rules and, as previously announced, priority will be given to those who previously had vessels at Western Beach.

Successful applicants will be advised of the date they can take up their berths.

The date will take into account the completion and handing over of the marina by the contractor.

There is also the option for boats docked at Watergardens to be moved to the new berths. After this those in the waiting list will be allocated berths.

A minimum annual fee of £365 will be implemented upon allocation.

The Mid-Harbour Small Boats Association has also been established, and will be responsible for the running of the new marina. A caretaker committee will be appointed by the Captain of the Port until its members elect a committee.

Minister for the Port Paul Balban thanked the Deputy Captain of the Port, Manuel Tirado, the Director of Strategic Planning, Projects and Business Development, Chris Riddell and their teams for their hard work on this project.

He added the publication of the rules has allowed the process for the allocation of berths to begin and “very soon” 700 boat owner will be allocated berths.


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